Intake Workflow

The Right Work, In the Right Hands, At the Right Time

We understand just how critical it is to be able to prioritize work in the right moment for your teams. We also know how hard it is to do on your own. So, we created a robust, rules-based Intake Workflow engine that intelligently manages your staff and the entire financial clearance process. Built with feedback from users with tens of thousands of hours of experience, our system will seamlessly simplify your team’s workflow.

Med-Metrix’s technology works from a real-time HL7 data feed for Patient Management (ADT) and Scheduling (SIU) to ensure Patient Intake teams are prioritizing work, based on a variety of criteria, including payer requirements, service types, and time sensitivities.

It flags missing information and pushes work through to end-users, rather than waiting for users to pull data. Workflow reduces exposure to bad debt and denial risk while allowing for comprehensive views of progress and areas of improvement.

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Features and Benefits

  • Prioritizes the most urgent activities 
  • Maximizes value of every human touch to improve productivity
  • Designed with “Best Practices” baked in
  • One-touch access to all the info needed to effectively resolve accounts and manage your team:
    • Current inventory of work
    • Account status and all prior activities
    • Productivity of staff – monitors active time in the system for unprecedented visibility into productivity
    • Scheduled days out financially cleared
    • Non-scheduled insurance verification rates
    • Financial counseling conversion rates
  • Set productivity and performance goals at a granular level and get real-time feedback
  • Documentation Assistants guide and enforce quality work and clear, consistent documentation
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