Vendor Management

Pain-Free Partnerships

Your relationship with your vendors should be simple, peaceful, and completely in-sync. So, our proprietary tools ensure your successful partnership without you having to do a thing.

No more manual processing. No more surprise invoices. Set up the workflows and our system will automatically and seamlessly connect you with your vendors across the revenue cycle – managing account inventory, updates, and payments as well as data and insights.

With a reverse invoicing feature, you can take control of what you’ll pay your vendors. And with a performance dashboard, you’ll be able to understand each partnership’s performance over time so that you can maintain relationships that generate success.

Just like that, your accounts are up-to-date, and your partners are too.

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This tech automates rote tasks and segments and prioritizes your claims adjudication workflow to drive yield improvement.

Intake Workflow

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Liability Estimator

Our accurate Patient Liability Estimator will empower your staff to collect an accurate payment at the time of service.

Revenue Collection

Easily collect what you’re owed while reducing workloads.

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