Collection Workflow

Keep Your Team in the Zone, Keep Their Performance Consistent

You need your team’s brainpower for important issues. Not menial tasks. So we created a Collection Workflow solution that automates all the rote tasks associated with the claims adjudication process while providing the resources to successfully and consistently resolve accounts.

Our rules-based engine brings together the best of RPA and workflow automation to deliver everything your team needs – from EOBs to contract management calculations – in one easy-to-use interface. From bots gathering information from payer portals, to leveraging Contract Management information with the 835s, our system leverages 100s of automations and optimizations to drive your performance to the next level. With the power to pull in value-added information in real-time, your focus can be on the accounts that have true cash value.

Suddenly your team has the power to be more productive. And your process maintains a high level of consistency.

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Here Are Features You Can Expect:

  • A feed pushes the highest priority accounts to users, generates dynamic work assignments, and captures active hours in workflow
  • System estimates cash value priority so that focus is put on appropriate accounts, not just the ones with a balance
  • Documentation Assistant guides and enforces clear, consistent, and high-quality documentation
  • One-Click Interface means all relevant data, images, and documents are just a click away
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