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With the constant fluctuation of charges, payments, and reserves, pinpointing an accurate valuation is almost impossible.

So, we developed the ultimate tech for Valuation. This powerful two-sided system leverages either your contracted value or Med-Metrix’s generated contract value to show you the true net collectible value of receivables and precisely states your revenue.

It ensures you understand the trends, issues, and insights impacting that valuation and your revenue performance.

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Here's What You Can Expect:

  • Detailed revenue analyses with insight into quantification and qualification of changes
  • Monthly and year-to-date comparisons by service line and payer
  • Data can be quickly exported and compared to General Ledger to make month-end ledger reconciliations
  • All valuation results are saved in a snapshot format and measured against activity afterward for audit visibility
  • Monthly meetings with our analysis teams to talk through insights and issues affecting valuation
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