Cost Accounting

Understand The Details Without Managing All of Them

When it comes to cost accounting, we know it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. So, we designed a system that can keep you and your team focused at a much higher level – understanding what’s truly driving costs.

We’ll work closely with your team to develop detailed costing models. Then we’ll automate the process for you, giving you immediate access to detailed account and charge-level costing. Our team can then help you analyze product line margins and drivers, so that you don’t have to staff for all the other details. Get ready to work at a higher level, quickly. We’ll have your team up and running in 60 days.

Up and running in 60 days

Our System Will Allow You To:

  • Allocate revenues and expenses separately from indirect cost centers for a more granular view of cost and contribution margin at the patient level.
  • Aggregate charge and patient level costing in a variety of ways, i.e.: service line, physician, and payer.
  • Use detailed direct cost data from Pharmacy or Supplies to create accurate data for high variability cost types.

We manage the minutiae. You attain the insights. Our unique solution is the simplest, most comprehensive way to know exactly what’s impacting your bottom line.

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Med-Metrix delivers remarkable value for hundreds of leading healthcare systems and physician providers across the country. 

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