Patient Accounting Workflow

Boost productivity and drive operational consistency – and put the right account, in the right hands – every time.

Harvest the power of productivity and best practices to maximize performance at each touchpoint in the claims adjudication process. Our dynamic Rules engine allows for the automation of rote steps to replace human work effort with good logic. This software allows access to everything needed to effectively resolve accounts – from EOBs to contract management calculations – in one easy-to-use interface. By pulling real-time, value-added information from Contract Management, and 835s, efforts can be more readily focused on accounts that have true cash value, rather than just a balance. With an available timeline view, users get quick visibility of an account’s status and all prior activities.

This unique software program allows users unprecedented access to account data with these great features:

Smart Feed

  • Push accounts to users with real time load-balancing and workgroup-based pooling.
  • Generate dynamic work assignment based on end-user documented responses.
  • Capture active hours in workflow to provide accurate productivity monitoring.

Estimated Cash Value Priority

  • Use Contract Management data to “de-noise” Accounts Receivable, so employee effort is put on the most appropriate accounts.

Documentation Assistant

  • Guide and enforce quality follow-up work and clear, consistent documentation.

One-Click Interface

  • Intuitive interface puts account detail data, 835s, scanned images, and all relevant data, just one-click away.