Patient Access Workflow

Maximize performance through the financial clearance process.

Our Patient Access Workflow module works from a real-time HL7 data feed for Patient Management (ADT) and Scheduling to ensure Patient Access teams are prioritizing work, based on a variety of criteria; including, but not limited to, payer requirements, service types, and time sensitivities.

Our robust rules-based workflow engine puts the right accounts, in the right hands, at the right time. It pushes work through to end-users, rather than waiting for users to pull data, reducing exposure to bad debt and denial risk; allowing for a comprehensive view of progress, and areas for improvement.

This software provides reporting data based on:

  • Current inventory of work.
  • Productivity of staff.
  • Scheduled days out financially cleared.
  • Non-scheduled insurance verification rates.
  • Financial counseling conversion rates.

Denials and leakage dollars and percentage.