Denial Recovery Services

Two Revenue Cycle Powerhouses Unite.

Miller & Milone has joined Med-Metrix, bringing decades of experience providing superior revenue recovery services to the hospital marketplace to augment the revenue cycle services at Med-Metrix.

Introducing GAIGETM Denials Management

GAIGETM is an AI-based proprietary denials management technology built with a multitude of capabilities to address--and help to overturn--adverse determinations.

GAIGETM utilizes proprietary, predictive modeling to tackle post-denial accounts, providing an accurate prediction of expected AR Return, timing of payment, and enforcement of payer contractual provisions.

Our system utilizes coverage assessment metrics to identify, group, and assess the likelihood of success. GAIGETM Denial Prevention and GAIGETM Denial Management work in tandem to increase the effectiveness of FTE hours and reduce direct costs associated with complex denials otherwise requiring manual intervention. GAIGETM functionalities allow full integration of institutional departments, or, alternatively, allows use of GAIGETM analytic features to guide internal workflow. The GAIGETM system allows for dynamic changes to workflows based upon industry trends. Regardless of client need, utilization of the GAIGETM system ensures maximum potential returns from denied claims.


In addition to our GAIGETM Denial Prevention offering, the addition of Miller & Milone to the Med-Metrix family brings additional revenue recovery and cost mitigation services including:

  • ED Financial Assist
  • Discharge Planning