Cost Accounting

Access granular cost accounting and profitability intelligence in one.

The power of reporting and analysis, simplified. Our Cost Accounting solution allows users immediate access to detailed account and charge-level costing to give a true view of the bottom line.

Our revolutionary software allows users to:

  • Allocate revenues and expenses separately from indirect cost centers, for a more granular view of cost and contribution margin at the patient level.
  • Aggregate charge and patient level costing in a multitude of ways, including, but not limited to service line, physician, and payer.
  • Utilize granular direct cost data from Pharmacy and OR supplies to create accurate and defensible cost data for high variability cost types.

We work closely with each organization’s reimbursement, budgeting, and finance teams to apply sophisticated allocation parameters for both cost and revenue streams. Our team then works to automate the ongoing data extraction, validation, and load process for maximum results. This unique, comprehensive solution allows users to focus on the analysis of product line margin and associated drivers without the headache of traditional cost accounting solutions.